The most exciting breakthrough in acne treatment in recent years. Revolutionary laser “Spot Kill”
dries up inflamed acne lesions overnight. Painless, PDT avoids strong systemic medicines and gives excellent results.

Why lasers, light sources and PDT for acne? Acne affects more than 80% of people at sometime in their life.

Topical and systemic medications are associated with Inefficiancy Antibiotic resistance Side effects e.g. retinoids Prolonged treatment time with risk of scarring.

Strong demand for alternative Tx Pure ”blue light” effects known ”Acne”-Laser: 1450 nm and 1540 nm PDT shows good anti-inflammatory effects Blue light Red light Yellow light Lasers and LED at hand for all wavelenghts of interest Dedicated protocols and tx regimens do exist.

Do lasers and lights really work for acne? PDT, lasers, and light sources do work for acne Evidence base is accumulating from several controlled trials Short-term efficacy on acne Evidence is missing Long-term efficacy Comparison with standard pharmaceutical tx

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