The very latest from France, taking the world by storm. It is safe, effective and removes wrinkles every time. Ask about the revolutionary new topical wrinkle remover.

What is Dysport?
Very similar to Botox but may be Better..
Dysport is actually extracted from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It was seen as a very helpful extraction which was used to help people with differing motor disorders and other kinds of muscular spasms. It was also used to help with Cerebral Palsy.

Can it be for you?
Do you Have Frown Lines or Crows Feet?
Laughing is one of the best medicines available and it’s FREE! But, like anything else there is a cost associated with that cure… what is that? Well, it’s called wrinkles! Yep, no one wants them but as one gets older all that smiling, laughing and frowning will cause those wrinkles and crevices to appear. That’s where Dysport comes to the rescue! It’s use is to immobilize the muscles which cause those frown-lines or crows feet. By making those muscles inoperable, those wrinkle lines smooth out and give you a smoother, younger look. Wow… the miracle of science….

How is it used?
Very Small Pain for a Youthful Face… This Could be for You! Once you consult with your medical spa and have devised an attack plan, you doctor or medspa professional will start you on your treatments. These treatment will usually last from 10-20 minutes.

So, what is the treatment or procedure?
The administrating specialist will use very small amounts of Dysport which are injected directly into the facial muscles. These underlying muscles below the frown lines will then become immobilized and not respond to your bodies command to contract. Once these orders from your body are ignored the frown lines will smooth out giving you a much more youthful appearance!

A few days after the procedure your muscles will start to relax (more than likely, you won’t even notice this happening). Even though you won’t be able to frown anymore you’ll still be able to blink your eyes and raise your eyebrows so you will not have an un-natural look! What a great discovery… by immobilizing those frowning muscles you get a new youthful, smooth, less wrinkled face for all
to see!